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Thank you for taking the time to read Conquerors and Consorts, if you're interested in web-comics or the various art styles used in our comic, you may enjoy some of the websites listed on this page.

Where to find us: - This is our primary website, hosted by the wonderful ComicFury. - The dedicated Conquerors and Consort account on Inkbunny, Inkbunny users can find each page we upload here. - The dedicated Conquerors and Consort account on Furaffinity, Furaffinity users can find each page we upload here. - This is actually a link dedicated to the FurAffinity userpage of our talented resident artist Azure Mask.

Fun web-comics: - A witty comic surrounding the everyday, usually gaming based, shenanigans of a two adorable Cats and their unique take on various recent events. - An entertaining, constantly evolving, web-comic based in the World of Warcraft universe and following the lives of various colourful players. - An intelligent and insightful web-comic that takes a look at modern gaming culture and surrounding events, an excellent source of up to date news. - A brilliantly unique and interesting take on a Dungeons and Dragons'esque world from the point of view of a tribe of Goblins and a band of wannabe heroes. - A delightfully quirky and ever hilarious comic by Immelman that offers a fleeting glimpse into the inner workings of his mind (We think?) - Drawn by the same Immelmenn as the above comic, Concession is one of the best written and engaging web-comics on the internet (in our opinion). - A laugh a day keeps the Doctor away, or does it? Cyanide and Happiness is updated daily with quirky and hilarious comics, excellent for a few quick giggles! - Ctrl Alt Del isn't for everyone but the various story arcs are entertaining, the characters show excellent development and the gags are generally witty and sharp. - A dark and intriguing new comic by the brilliant Immelmann surrounding the discovery of a mysterious artefact and the chaos that ensues.

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If you have a comic and you'd like to to be added to the list above, or otherwise need to contact us, you can always reach us at: