Tempered troubles
by Lirril

Hello everyone! laugh

We're both very sorry that this comic was put on temporary hiatus and no message was put up to indicate this, we've had a mounting number of real life issues to contend with and dedicating any time to this comic became all but impossible. Due to technical faults, a relative going into hospital, a beloved pet dying and more, we've both been very distracted and a bit fatigued. sad

I'm happy to advise that this is no longer the case and active uploads will be resuming on 30.09.13 as per usual! Updates will once again be each Monday at roughly 9PM BST/GMT.

I'd like to say a thank you to all of those loyal people who kept checking our page during this time, you know who you are and so do we! We appreciate this support and we look forward to returning to standard, scheduled uploads as soon as possible! <3

Kind regards,

Lirril and Azure.

The start of something special!
by Lirril

The day is almost upon us!

So firstly I'd like to say a thank you to everyone who took the time to view this page when there was concept art posted, your support has been greatly appreciated.

Secondly, I'm happy to announce that the time for Conquerors and Consorts to go live is drawing near! Within the next twenty four hours we'll be going fully live!

The title page is already up, it's a very nice piece of eye candy drawn to give you an example of what's to come.

Please make sure to watch this space, we'll be releasing three pages tomorrow!