Comic 15 - Page fourteen - A simple coincidence

21st Oct 2013, 10:02 PM in A Rising Star
Page fourteen - A simple coincidence
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Author Notes:

Lirril 21st Oct 2013, 10:02 PM edit delete
Another wonderful installment by our talented resident artist, we're really bringing the spot colouring into play now and I think it adds wonderful tone and emphasis to the comic! What do you think?

Although this action scene was very short I'd just like to take this chance to re-assure you that the comic is only just beginning. Soon, very soon now, we're expecting to make things far more fast paced and exciting.

Do you have any ideas, suggestions or requests? Do you have a proposition or something you'd like to discuss with us? Please post in the comments, we love talking to readers! <3

Competition update!
We've had a bit of interest both on Furaffinity and our own website, but the competition isn't over yet! Remember, it's possible to win by accuracy or by being quick.

The prize is a full body commission of any character of your choosing, you'll have the chance to design your own E-tros City Watch uniform to match your character and you can have any point of emphasis spot coloured (like Sterling's eyes in this comic).

To win this fabulous prize just check pages 11-15 and answer the questions in their comments correctly!

Question 4:
"What almost terrified poor Kae to death in page eight?"


The Avian grinned as he was helped to his feet, his feathered hands running across his fine attire to brush away the detritus of the street. Kae grinned a sheepish grin at the stricken male as his superior helped him up, too embarrassed to meet the serene ice blue gaze of his fathers former associate as it drifted languidly between the two.

They were the same soft tones Kae had heard since he was young, the subtle yet serene hint of the voice as it spoke out reminding him of better times. "You always were rushing somewhere, huh Kae?"

The Feline blinked, shaking off the embarrassment as he peered towards the calm and composed features of Sterling. Those steely eyes were locked on his and the gaze burrowed through his eyes into the depths of his soul, peering at his very being.

What was it about this Bird that had always made him so uncomfortable? Why did such a sweet and charming creature always put him on edge?

A slight shudder ran down Kae's spine as he beamed a lopsided grin at the Avian, eagerly walking towards his Lieutenants vehicle at Lanken's urging.

"Stay safe Sterling, see you soon!" Kae called out as he hurried into his seat with the melancholic Burlo, slamming his door shut and thanking all the Gods he could name for the solitude it seemed to bring... Yet Sterling was still watching him.

"I'm sure you will, little Kae." The bird responded as he turned to meander calmly down the crowded streets.


Lishan 22nd Oct 2013, 12:22 AM edit delete reply
Lanken letting Burlo drive. :D