Comic 10 - page nine - End of the cruise

15th Jul 2013, 11:52 PM in A Rising Star
page nine - End of the cruise
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Lirril 15th Jul 2013, 11:52 PM edit delete
Memory and emotion came flooding back unbidden by Kae's mind when Lanken spoke, the Gazelle's once confident and upbeat tones were now sombre and forlorn, abject regret and shame dripping from every syllable. A weak smile slowly sidled onto Kae's lips as he stared at his hands in the back seat, thinking of his frail younger brother enthusiastically bouncing about in his cadet hat.

The sudden brake and the smell of warm, frying meat brought Kae back to his senses. With a brief bout of blinking and a quick glance it became all too clear why Lanken had brought him here.

"Best Dawgs in all the city!" Proclaimed a vibrantly coloured sign at the side of the stall. The ill fitting cotton uniform a hotdog vendor clung to a hopeful man's body as he beamed a toothy grin to the car.

This was the former Lieutenant's favourite place to eat, Kae could already remember the taste of the hot grease sliding down his throat with every bite.

What was Lanken doing, hoping to show that life wasn't all doom and gloom?

I love how this page came out, the sheer manic attitude of Burlo and the mildly withdrawn expression of Kae mingle perfectly on this page and such a contrast is not easy to pull off.

I'm happy to announce that our first cameo will be taking place on the next page! Keep your eyes open to see the first of our fans appearing in comic form! <3

Got any feedback, requests or suggestions? Good! Please post 'em below, we love all of it! =)