Comic 11 - Page ten - New times, bad times

22nd Jul 2013, 8:47 PM in A Rising Star
Page ten - New times, bad times
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Lirril 22nd Jul 2013, 8:47 PM edit delete
Kae grinned as he stood outside of the small aluminium stall that formed this famous vendors premises, the giant slab of meat his father had bought him rested in his hands. With one bite he removed almost half of the hot, greasy treat, savouring the rich taste and the feel of hot fat running down his throat.

The Kitten mewled happily as he chewed and savoured his meaty treat, watching the world go by. Creatures of every size and shaped throned in this street and yet there was an air of tranquility, an atmosphere of serene peace and community.

Here were a thousand sentients, each one a different size, shape and gender... And here, unlike on many other worlds, they were at peace and co-existed.

Even at his tender young age the Kitten was proud of his home. He lived on a paradise.


Another spectacular page from our resident artist, including a cameo from one of our viewers! Say hello to Wolfboy everyone, he'll be guest starring for a few pages!

We'll be hosting more competitions and more cameos shortly, keep your eyes peeled for more information!