Comic 12 - Page eleven - One day they'll learn

30th Sep 2013, 8:10 PM in A Rising Star
Page eleven - One day they'll learn
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Lirril 30th Sep 2013, 8:10 PM edit delete
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The sidearm felt heavy in Kae's hands as his gaze met that of the Wolf, a comforting yet threatening presence in a world that could soon contain all too much excitement. The Feline frowned and his hands swung into action, leveling the weapon on the strange male that had been conducting his immoral business practices in this very alley not moments before.

Every fiber of Kae's being yelled for him to shoot, his muscles tensed and fingers twitched while the weapon shook, he was desperate to resist the urge. True, shooting the Wolf would mean one less criminal stalking the streets from here on, but what would that make him? Was force the only way to enforce the law these days.

No... That couldn't be the case, he wouldn't let the galaxy work that way!

"Drop the weapon and stay where you are!" Barked out the young cadet as he began to cautiously sidle closer, his aim never leaving the criminal as he began to approaching. He'd really earn his badge this evening, he could feel it in his bones.


It has definitely been a busy, and rather unfortunate, month since this comic was last updated! We're truly sorry for the delay and hope that those loyal people who previously read our comic will continue to enjoy the work we produce.

Between the waning health of a relative, the death of a beloved pet and technical difficulties, we've been a little preoccupied in real life.

No matter, we're back into full blown production and will be making extra weekly updates again as of today. Remember, every Monday at approximately 9-10PM GMT or BST.

Finally, we're giving away a commission! That's right, you can get a full body commission of your character wearing a customized version of the E-Tros City Watch uniform (drawn in the same style as the comic, including spot colouring) if you answer the questions below and follow the rules.

There will be a new question with every page right up until page 15. The person who answers all of the questions correctly, or gives the correct answer first on the most pages, will be named in the comments of page 16 and contacted for more information.

Answers must be given in the form of a comment... Well, you know we do so love them. <3

Question 1:
Who is suspected to have killed Kae's father?


Lishan 3rd Oct 2013, 4:45 AM edit delete reply
Sibera Morgan AKA "Sibera the Dawg". :)