Comic 13 - Page twelve - Crimson and azure

7th Oct 2013, 8:46 PM in A Rising Star
Page twelve - Crimson and azure
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Author Notes:

Lirril 7th Oct 2013, 8:46 PM edit delete
A few new little techniques used by our artist here, I think they're subtle but make a massive improvement! We love feedback, criticisms, comments and conversations so please let us know what you think too!

Got any suggestions? Got any ideas for the comic? Want a potential cameo or want to advise us on how to get more views? We always welcome your input, that and we're always happy to just chatter, so please comment below.

Remember people, there's a commission up for grabs! You could have a full body commission, in the style of the comic, of a character of your choice wearing a customised suit of E-tros City Watch armour if you win!

Just answer the questions on pages 11-15 successfully and whoever answers the most answers correctly, the quickest on each page, will win the commission!

The winner will be announced on page 16 and will be contacted directly to discuss their commission.

Question 2:
"What did Kae find unusual about the vehicles in the E-tros City Watch HQ garage?"


Turn a corner to get away from the watch, every criminal knew it these days, because they're just as scared of catching you as you are of being caught. It was a strange equilibrium, a game of balance played between the coppers and the crooks.

You run, they chase. They stop you committing a minor crime, you didn't get arrested for the crime you'd failed to commit.

It sounded sick, corrupt in many ways, but it had served a lot of criminals, if not many coppers, very well over the years... So why wasn't this copper playing ball?!

Red cursed under his breath as he ran down the alley, the heavy footfalls of his expensive running shoes mirrored only by the patter patter of the Feline cadet pursuing him like a man possessed. He was panicking he knew, the copper had shaken him, especially when he'd prepared his sidearm.

The Lupine snarled as he hurried around a corner in the labyrinth of alleyways that honeycombed these modern streets, his hand delving into his pocket to grip the single source of comfort he still had. It only took a second for the speed dial to reach his friends, their voices were a comforting weight in a world that had gone awry.

The sudden heat passing his cheek, the patter of plastic and metal showering across his face and hands, the smell of ozone and melted phone, it all felt like a dream to the Wolf. He'd never been shot at before, no copper had ever been so extreme as to shoot -at- him, certainly near him but never -at- him!

What was with this copper, didn't he know the rules?!


Lishan 7th Oct 2013, 9:17 PM edit delete reply
They were all still in the garage and covered with dust - like they hadn't been used in ages.