Comic 2 - Page one - Our story begins

3rd Jun 2013, 12:13 PM in A Rising Star
Page one - Our story begins
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Lirril 3rd Jun 2013, 12:13 PM edit delete
Little Kae giggled as he bounced on the mattress of his crib, his short ears twitching and turning between his beloved mother and father as they spoke in tandem. He didn't fully understand their story just yet, but the funny voices and the playful impressions brought a smile as sweet as honey to the little Kitten's lips.

A broad grin plastered Lieutenant Kerr's lips as he watched his son staring intently at his mother when she recited the story of Sibera's capture. His son was going to do great things one day, he could already see it in his eyes.

For the briefest of moments the Lieutenant's mind faltered, turning to muse on the randomness of birth. What would have become of his son, had he been born of nobility or poverty?

With a sense of nobility and wealth, would his son understand the value of the possessions he held and the love his parents poured on him? If he was born in abject poverty would the Kitten be ruthless and vicious?

Lieutenant Kerr shook the thought from his mind as he heard his dear wife make a spirited attempt at Sibera’s monstrous roar, her attempts were quickly rewarded with another angelic giggle from his son. For now, in this place and at this time, the world was a perfect place.


This is page one of A Rising Star, a heart touching display of various comic characters as a child with their story just beginning.

There are two more pages coming up today! I hope you’ll all be looking forward to them as much as I am!