Comic 3 - Page two - A father's tale

3rd Jun 2013, 9:32 PM in A Rising Star
Page two - A father's tale
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Lirril 3rd Jun 2013, 9:32 PM edit delete
"So there we were, wrestling in a life or death situation, my two partners frozen in shock and awe as they saw the largest Tiger they'd ever encountered on top of me!" Lieutenant Kerr roars in excitement, his eyes glazed and his mind lost in the act of recollection.

"What did you do Dad?" Little Kae gasped, his emerald eyes glittering in fascination as he watched his father wrestling the air beside his bed, re-enacting the clash of the Titans on that faithful day.

"I did what any copper'd do Kae, I kicked him in the meat and two veg!" Kae's father bellows out in a tremendous chuckle as he reaches down to his son's bed, gently tucking his beloved son down for the night. It was to no avail, he knew, as his son would be up and begging to hear more stories or see his old watch partner Lanken within a matter of minutes.

Life was good...
The promised second page of the our web-comic’s first chapter, A Rising Star.

I was really looking forward to this particular page, I love the idea of Lieutenant Kerr telling a story within our story, giving you a glimpse of his noble past and seeing what initially helped shape the main character-to-be.

Page two of our three page prologue.


Cryder 3rd Jun 2013, 9:46 PM edit delete reply
I like the greys... with the voice over it kinda feels like a space noir