Comic 5 - Page four - Meet the cadets

10th Jun 2013, 12:04 PM in A Rising Star
Page four - Meet the cadets
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Lirril 10th Jun 2013, 12:04 PM edit delete
Kaeral's lips crept back into a weak smile as he stepped into the elevator, his heart racing and his temperature quickly beginning to rise. He wasn't sure why he was so uncomfortable today, he'd come to the E-tros watch headquarters a dozen times with his father.

As the Feline hit the button for the floor he'd bee assigned, a deep, booming voice cried out. "Hey, Kae, hold the elevator!".

Kaeral gasped, his stomach lurching and his heart missing a beat at the sudden shout. The entire lobby fell silent, the only sound that of a pair of heavy boots plodding towards the elevator.

There was only one person who'd be that excited, that eager to reach his new position. "Hey Burlo." Kaeral managed to weakly mutter as he turned to face the approaching Canine, eliciting a flash of his razor sharp pearly whites.

So, Burlo had made it too? At least now he had an ally, the Canine was almost a comforting presence as he again hit the correct button and the doors slid shut.

Kaeral briefly wondered who'd greet them, then his stomach lurched again as he turned his eyes to the floor counter.


Page four and the actual start of our main plot. Kaeral and Burlo have passed training and now it's time to meet the team, but who'll be turning these fresh recruits into experienced officers?

I love how this page came out, Kaeral's mildly nauseous face brings a grin to mine and Burlo's over excited grin is delightfully intimidating.

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