Comic 6 - Page five - A squad is born

17th Jun 2013, 8:51 PM in A Rising Star
Page five - A squad is born
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Lirril 17th Jun 2013, 8:51 PM edit delete
The entire office fell still, time froze and seconds turned to hours, the air hung heavy in the suddenly cramped room as Burlo stared in shock. Surely he hadn't heard that, surely his ears had lied to him?

It wasn't possible, not Lanken... Not THE Lanken... Why would he want to work with a bunch of cadets?

Time seemed to start again as the gentle sussuration that had filled the room erupted into a roar of conversation and rumors.

Lanken had chosen two new recruits, he was going back on the street. Times were going to change.

I love Burlo's expression in this page, Azure did an excellent job of making him seem first shocked, then alive and I don't think I could possibly describe the brilliant depth and subtle nuances brought to this page in the middle left panel.

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