Comic 7 - Page six - A dusty ordeal

24th Jun 2013, 9:54 PM in A Rising Star
Page six - A dusty ordeal
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Lirril 24th Jun 2013, 9:54 PM edit delete
Kaeral was hypnotised as he wandered behind Lanken, the over confident Gazelle that strode casually through the garage, sweeping his arms and gesturing to the vehicles around them. The senior officer, this legend of the watch force, seemed to have a story for every last patrol vehicle.

“Never twenty nine, that was a good’un! Ol’ Lieutenant Kerr and I, we had us a laugh! Couple’ve thugs were getting away, racing down the road, chemical smoke leaking from their car. O’ course, the second they went past our hiding place we were on ‘em!” The Gazelle reminisced, his eyes locked in the glassy gaze of one whose memories of then were far more enjoyable than the reality of now.

It was all over Lanken’s face, he seemed nostalgic, his voice yet solemn and forlorn, the hint of wanting and sorrow locked in every word. It brought a frown to Kaeral’s face as he watched the officer, it was clear he missed his old partner… His father…

Suddenly Kaeral stopped, his ears twitching as he turned to peer across the vehicles. Something wasn’t right…

Creeping away from his new squad mates, leaving Burlo to yap the poor Gazelle’s ears off as he bathed in the rosy tint of nostalgic memories and days gone by, Kaeral peered at the vehicles. There was something strange about them, he'd seen them before but something was different now.

It struck him, the realisation dawning on him with all the power of a tsunami as he ran his finger across the bonnet to collect the thick layer of dust.

It was the life, these vehicles used to purr and growl, racing and rushing through the streets and now they had the sense of power long restrained, of a beast forced to slumber…
Another excellent page by our wonderful artist! I love the simple yet slightly science fictiony design she’s worked into the vehicles and the simplified versions of the characters work wonderfully.

The action starts soon!

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