Comic 8 - Page seven - A pup and his wheels

1st Jul 2013, 9:36 PM in A Rising Star
Page seven - A pup and his wheels
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Lirril 1st Jul 2013, 9:36 PM edit delete
The sleek black car drifted down the road, listing gently towards the curb as Kae stood blinking back his tears in the cool morning air. The little Kitten barely noticed the purring of the car’s engine as he sniffed and turned to peer back at his house.

He’d missed the school transport, what would he do now? His parents were very strict on this, the last time he’d missed a day of school they’d taken his toy pistol off of him for a whole week.

A soft mewl of despair crept from the infants mouth, the sound suddenly silent as warm hands gripped him by the arms and dragged him into a car. Kae squealed, thrashing and kicking, trying to get free from the unseen aggressor before a familiar chuckle caught his ears.

The sound of sweet, soft and soothing, the sound of an angel’s laughter as the grip on Kae’s body was released and he turned to peer at his surroundings. The kitten knew this car, it was a nice one, and his Dad had taken him in it on heroic chases through the city.

“Need a ride? Your Dad saw the transport came early today and I was in the neighbourhood” A familiar voice asked, drawing Kae’s attention towards the seat and the elegant figure who lounged there, grinning playfully.

“Lanken!” Kae screamed out, his ears shooting upright as he bounced in the seat.

Perhaps today wouldn’t turn out so bad after all.


Oh dear lord, who would let that hyperactive lunatic drive? Lanken, evidently!

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