Comic 9 - Page eight - A lesson to learn

8th Jul 2013, 9:44 PM in A Rising Star
Page eight - A lesson to learn
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Lirril 8th Jul 2013, 9:44 PM edit delete
The tires shrieked an ungodly wail of agony and distress as they drifted across the cold perma-crete that formed the modern E-tros roads, a thick cloud of white smoke billowing from the tortured rubber until the car swung into alignment. Burlo wasn't done, he wanted to see what the pride of the watch patrol unit could do.

The Canine's lips crept back, drawn into a manic grin by the sheer power thrumming in his hands as his foot slammed heavily onto the accelerator. A tremendous rumble and roar of an engine bursting into life echoed through the streets, booming down alleys and rolling through apartment blocks as the engine vehicle howled down the early morning roads.

It was the sudden grip on his arm that made Burlo blink and surface from his reverie, aware at last that his old from Kae and his new mentor Lanken were both staring at him in terror and shock.

"What? If you've got it, show it!"

Brilliant show from the resident artist, the expressions are wonderful and, despite her claim that she can't draw cars, I think the traffic scene came off wonderfully.

Where is Lanken heading in such a rush with two fresh cadets? Who knows!

Comments and feedback are, as always, greatly appreciated. <3